Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My experience

Being apart of the Milarepa film crew was something i can never forget. I can still think back to our journey to Spitti ( way northern part of India). It was the most amazing road trip ever with many interesting individuals. Our crew members involved monks from director Neten Chokling Rinpoche's monastery, few young Tibetan girls, and camera crew members from Australia but the majority were monks. We had about 10 or 11 cars and about 2-3 mini buses. The whole crew would stop at rest placese but these rest places are not gas stations with fast food joints but mountains, rivers, and the open blue sky. Bathroom stops?? Well, if you consider walking few miles and hidding behind gigantic rocks or caves....yeah, that would be our bathroom stops. Hours after hours of listening to the same CD we arrived at Kaza (main city in Spitti). One thing that i will never forget about Kaza is the night sky. If only you can see it with your own eyes. I don't think i would have words to describe the beauty of it. I felt as if the sky was just few inches away! Every night i would go to bed with a neck ache from looking at the stars. The packed sky with stars so bright you don't need a light source to walk at night. The number of shotting stars you might not be able to keep up with your wishes. This is what i can say about the Kaza's stars but i don't think my words are no way near the actual site itself. I would love to write more but i am running out of time. Maybe next time. There are still more great stories from this trip and life time experience.


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