Friday, February 16, 2007

A song sung by Milarepa at Chuwar

May I meet again in the Buddha's Pure Land
Those who saw me or heard me,
Those who remember my story,
Those who have only heard of it and of my name.

May those who emulate my life and meditate,
Those who ask for, narrate and listen to my story,
Those who read and venerate it,
Those who follow my example in their lives,
May they find me in Buddha's Pure Land.

May those who practice the Dharma through asceticism
Harvest immeasurable merits.
To those who encourage others to follow this path,
Immeasurable gratitude is due.
May those who hear my story receive immeasurable blessings.
Through these three immeasurable blessings,
May those who only hear my story achieve liberation,
May those who meditate upon it fulfill their aim.



Blogger michael smith said...

i am so glad i found this blog. the pictures are amazing. i saw the movie the other day, it has really inspired me, i am grateful to all yáll bodhisattvas that have been working on this beautiful project! best,


8:35 AM  
Blogger Natalie Lamb said...

I am writing a short part - 10-15 pages on Milarepa and would so love to see it (the paper is due in 5 weeks - 25th May, tho I have to get it done in 3 weeks time -12th May - to get it checked for corrections)... Is there anyway someone could get me a copy:
please :-)

Natalie Lamb
14 Medway Drive
Forest Row
Rh18 5NT, England

I would also love to have a conversation about Milarepa with someone who knows his life well...

I am happy to call - as I have free minutes.... send me an email and I will call you!

We have specific questions that we have to answer:

How developed he was... what he specifically focused on in his lives, what his traditioin was, how enlightened or dominated by rules was the tradition, what was his shadow (negative manifestation), his specific spiritual practices (and the practises impact/interact with body, his conscious, the culture and society), in terms of gross, sublte, causal and nondual conscious states where did he get up too, and what practises did he use to support his state of being, and how was his faith view by the community and what impact did he and his faith have ont he community?

Thank you!

My email:

3:45 AM  
Blogger OnePenny said...

I would love to see the film because only looking at the images already amazes me !

7:54 PM  

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